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Human Factors

"I recognize that I'm human, and the older I get, the more I realize how fallible I am, how fallible we all are."

Roxane Gay

Human factors, as it relates to crash reconstruction, is the science that deals with how drivers respond to various traffic situations. I have been trained by an industry leader in driver response research and their research-based software to help answer these questions. This software has been accepted by U.S. courts to be a valid means of estimating driver response times, because it is based upon peer-reviewed research. It's not simply a number from a book. You won't be provided with a generic perception/reaction time. You will be provided with one that is based upon your crash scenario and one that is based in science. The software also reports how your driver compared to those in the research (15th percentile, 85th percentile, etc). And you get the case specific research to back it up. The goal of a driver perception-response analysis is to compare how your driver compared to those in the research.

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