Expert Testimony

"Everything can be explained to people, on the single condition that you want them to understand."

Frantz Fanon

Police Car Lights

Police/Traffic Officer Experience

We are all active or retired police traffic investigators. Collectively, we have over 80 years of police experience and training and have investigated thousands of motor vehicle crashes at the actual crash scene. We know car crashes.


We have extensive training related to the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle crashes. This includes:

  • Advanced Crash Reconstruction

  • Auto/Pedestrian Crash Reconstruction

  • Motorcycle Reconstruction

  • Human Factors

  • Commercial Vehicle Crash Reconstruction

  • CMV Enforcement

  • Event Data Recorder Technician & Analysis

  • Forensic Mapping

  • FAA Drone Licensing

  • Video Analysis

  • Laser Scanning (FARO)

  • Crush Analysis

  • Forensic Photography

  • Police Instructor

  • Laser/Radar Instructor


Continuing Education

We receive additional training hours every year to stay current in our crash reconstruction methodologies. We are all members of various professional crash reconstruction organizations and invitation-only organizations, such as TAARS, NAPARS, and INCR. In addition, we attend crash conferences annually.

Crash Testing

Closing Speed Consulting participates in crash testing whenever possible.  This allows us to test our methodologies and formulas in a controlled environment.  This allows us to easily answer the question:  "How do you know the formula works?"

TN crash test pic.png