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About Closing Speed Consulting

Closing Speed Consulting was created to assist attorneys, insurance companies, and others who needed answers to motor vehicle crashes. When a crash occurs, questions arise as to fault, avoidability, speed, etc. The company was created by Heath Jackson, a retired police traffic officer/crash reconstructionist. Heath has over 28 years of police experience investigating crashes and enforcing the types of hazardous driving behaviors that lead to them. For over 10 years at the police department, Heath was responsible for hazardous traffic enforcement, investigating and reconstructing crashes, filing charges related to collisions, and testifying in court. The business was created after a lengthy deposition resulting from a motorcycle fatality that Heath testified in as a police traffic investigator. The involved parties recommended to Heath that he start consulting. Closing Speed Consulting started in 2017 and became an LLC in 2022. Closing Speed's clients include attorneys (insurance/personal injury), major insurance carriers, district attorneys, and expert finder organizations. Heath also occasionally takes cases from citizens when fault was improperly placed on them in the crash report.

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About Closing Speed Consulting: Team Members
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