About Closing Speed Consulting

Crash Investigation From Current/Retired Police Traffic Investigators

Closing Speed Consulting offers crash reconstruction services to attorneys, insurance companies, and expert locator companies.  It is owned by a retired police traffic unit crash investigator/crash reconstructionist, with over 28 years of police experience investigating car crashes. All of Closing Speed Consulting's investigators are either current or retired police traffic investigators. The business concept came from a lengthy civil deposition in 2016, where attorneys from both sides told Heath they needed experienced traffic investigators to consult with on their cases.  Following a collision, questions often arise as to vehicle speed, visibility, driver perception-response, fault, etc. A client may have evidence in the crash, such as photographs, video, or a crash report, but they need a crash expert to review and interpret what it means to the case. Closing Speed Consulting was established in 2017 and our clients include major insurance carriers, district attorneys, expert locator organizations, and insurance/personal injury attorneys who hire us to investigate crashes and provide an opinion as to how and why a given collision occurred.

Collectively, we have over 80 years of police experience investigating crashes. And we have extensive experience testifying at trial.  Who better to testify as to the reasonableness of a speed than the ones who enforce the speed laws?

Closing Speed Consulting can create an investigative plan that is specific to your needs. We can make your case better.